Wednesday, 14 June 2006


Freedom amidst secrecy!

Like the November 2003 secret-surprise visit, the recent visit of President Bush to Baghdad (not to Iraq!) was shrouded in secrecy. If one of world's most powerful person could not enter and visit Iraq freely, can one legitimately claim ordinary Iraqis to be living a life free from tyranny?

On a more general level, many things have changed since November 2003, but certainly not the two: the security situation in Iraq, and Bush’s rhetoric regarding his Project on Freedom and Democracy (PROFAD). One should not though be much surprised by this secrecy, because the PROFAD has been linked with the “war on terror”. And secrecy has been central to the US “war on terror” and is well-documented – from unilateral aggression, to memo to disregard the Geneva Conventions, Guantanamo Bay (including its military tribunals), Abu Ghraib, outsourcing of torture, suppression of military and civilian causalities, domestic spying, and lucrative contracts to Halliburton. Therefore, the task of selectively accomplishing the PROFAD is rooted in secrecy.

The world needs to unmask soon how secrecy could become central to the PROFAD.
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